Verna Metcalfe

Verna has played an integral part with Middlebrook Valley Lodge for over 11 years.

Winner of the Murray Bain Service to the Industry Award in 2016, Verna’s knowledge and experience in the thoroughbred industry is vital to the farms success, and her detail to attention is second to none.

Verna has spent many years under some of the best professionals in the industry and this has enabled her to pass this knowledge on to her staff and ensure that the farm runs smoothly and to the highest possible standards at all times.


David Metcalfe

 Whilst now retired David Metcalfe has more than 11 years involvement with Middlebrook Valley Lodge. He remains in a supervisory role with the farms pasture improvements and also plays a vital role in the growth and conformation of the foals, inspecting each foal regularly, to ensure that every MVL graduate has the best chance possible of maturing correct and to its best ability.


Jenna Cochrane

 Jenna Cochrane has been with Middlebrook Valley Lodge for over eight years.

Jenna has grown with the farm throughout her various roles, and now takes managerial responsibility for duties in Verna’s absence in assisting with overall management of the horses and property.

Jenna assists with all aspects of the farm and is a key member of the Middlebrook Valley Lodge team.